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Science and Engineering Week at the University of Leicester

Posted on: marzo 13, 2012


Yesterday, March 12th 2012, we had a great day at the University of Leicester. We were glad to participate in the National Science and Engineering Week as a “Maths and Magic” Interactive Public Workshop.

We played with many interactive games, including fractal curves with thread, surfaces and polyhedra with felt and soap bubbles on wire.

Thanks to the organizers and also the undergraduate students, as well as professor Frank Neumann, who helped to explain to visitors the mathematics behind the games.

Here are some pictures by Frank Neumann, in our Facebook group.

And some others by Colin Brooks, the chief photographer of the university of Leicester:

Science and Engineering Week at the University of Leicester

See also an  article dedicated to our job:

“Soap opera: the magic of 3D geometry”

Next public exhibitions are taking place in Barcelona on April 21st, and Valencia on April 23rd. Visit our calendar page for updates.


2 comentarios to "Science and Engineering Week at the University of Leicester"

Hola José Luis, me he permitido mencionarte en los premios Liebster. Puedes leerlo aquí
Saludos :-)


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