E8 and one of its beautiful faces

Updated: September, 2015.

Current state: September 2015









[Added on March 14th, 2014] Enjoy this new huge PDF file E8-orden6, built with Mathematica. Use the Zoom to see its wonderful core. It is really amazing! Here you can see it very close:


Current state: September 2015

My string art work is based on a computer image that Tom Ruen sent to me on May 2011. It is one of the projections found by J. Gregory Moxness which appears in the Theory of Everything by Garret Lisi. You can find  new beautiful coloured pictures just published in his page on March 15th, 2014.

This figure can be obtained as the orthographic projection of the 4_21 polytope, onto the plane generated by (2-4/\sqrt{3}, 0, 1-1/\sqrt{3}, 1-1/\sqrt{3}, 0, -1,1,0) and (0, -2+4/\sqrt{3}, -1+1/\sqrt{3}, 1-1/\sqrt{3}, 0, 1/\sqrt{3}, 1/\sqrt{3}, -2/\sqrt{3}).

I’m really enjoying the construction, how nice it is when you take pictures by the Mediterranean sea! The job is not yet finished, but I wanted to show you  already some of its beautiful prospects and color changes dated on Agust 28, 2012. Hope you like it.

Why green? Here are some more manipulated pictures with other colours.

See update steps of the construction:

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