Wired knots and links for jewelry

(Updated on August 26 th, 2013)

In the last Bridges 2013, I bought a funny puzzle called KnoTilesTM, to make celtic knots, among others.

This pushed my daughter and I to make rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings with aluminium wire. It is really a non difficult entertaining activity for home and also for a math-technology classroom. Furthermore you can give these to your friends and family!

And of course, you can learn some mathematical knot theory, construct all kinds of knots, compute some knot invariants,  the Alexander polynomial, the linking number, etc. We use the Rolfsen knot table

On top: two links of two trefoil knots each (one and its mirror image).
On bottom: a connected sum of  symmetric figure 8 knots linked with a green ring.
Bracalet. Sum of figure 8 knots linked with a green ring.
On top: The knot 7_4 (on the right with the sape of a heart). On bottom: a (doubled) knot 8_18 from Rolfsen list.
A typical celtic knot, 7_4 in the Rolfsen list.
Bracelet with the shape of a connected sum of four 8_18 knots. Photo: author.
Bracalet. Sum of knots 7_4. Photo: author.
Pendant. Sum of the trefoil knot and the knot 6_3. Photo: author.
Pendant. (3,8)- torus knot. Photo: author.
Pendant. (5,3)-torus knot. 10_23 knot from Rolfsen list. Photo: author.

We will keep updating this post with more aluminum artwork. Please visit us again soon!

Some references related to this post:

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